Managing an enterprise is a balancing act

It pits responding to immediate challenges against setting and maintaining a transformation path toward long-term sustainability. Sustainability derives from business agility, which depends on Enterprise Architecture, among other disciplines.

There is a common belief that accelerated development and deployment approaches, like Agile and DevOps, help achieve business agility by building solutions rapidly and relatively inexpensively and throwing them out and replacing them when they no longer align with business needs. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Agile and DevOps, when employed naively, can kill business agility by producing architectures and solutions that cannot be transformed efficiently when they should be and, therefore, must undergo laborious and expensive retrofitting or be scrapped and replaced, often when it is least convenient to do so—the very definition of technical debt that ultimately kills business agility.

Agile/DevOps produces bad architecture and creates technical debt when a solution is built piecemeal without first achieving a comprehensive conceptual understanding of the requirements. "Emergent" architectures that result from such processes tend to be brittle and cannot evolve at the pace required to keep up with new technology or updated business models. For just one example, near-real-time business analytics are beginning to drive highly segmented customer interactions, determine dynamic product attributes and inform highly-personalized service features and functions. A good architecture should be ready for that and is a necessary ingredient for success.

Value Proposition

When lacking resources or expertise to become competitive in a fast-paced digital industry, call Archemy™. Archemy™ works with customers in all major industries, and excels at fusing knowledge and artificial intelligence to innovate and architect success. Archemy™ can help chart a successful course and stay on it for what it takes to continue employing Agile and DevOps. Knowledge-driven architecture for the price of chaos.


Archemy™ practices ArchDev™, an all-encompassing lifecycle methodology that complements Agile/DevOps. Archemy's holistic service leverages agile Enterprise Architecture to devise transmutation plans that enable mission-critical as well as vision-oriented initiatives. Archemy™ and its community of Archemists leverage knowledge management and artificial intelligence to piece together end-to-end best practice business solutions.


Archemy™ maintains a unique catalog of best-of-breed, proven, reusable business solutions and related components called "Archifacts." Adapting and reusing them accellerates solutioning, reduces cost, and mitigates risks. If Archemy™ does not have archifacts to address a given set of requirements, it can create a custom solution and help monetize it through it's catalog to recoup some or all of the investment costs.

Platform to manage digital solutions knowledge.
It will blow your mind!

Archemy™ has developed a knowledge management platform as well as proprietary knowledge and innovation management methodologies and related frameworks. The Archemy™ knowledge management platform currently helps guide innovation and accelerate transmutations via re-use of best practice knowledge-driven business solution assets. Archemy uses a proprietary toolset to catalog solutions and provide statistical insight as to best fit solutions for particular business problems. Knowledge management is also applied to the business solutions that are delivered by Archemy™. While pre-existing knowledge is used to guide the construction of best practice business solutions, knowledge may also be extracted at run-time, and possibly in real-time, by intelligent autonomous business solutions. The knowledge learned by business solutions is then catalogued and used to enhance the assets knowledge base. Archemy's patented knowledge management approach aims at fusing knowledge and artificial intelligence by making tacit/existing knowledge explicit, and extracting new knowledge via automated/real-time information processing. Knowledge harvested by Archemy™ becomes readily usable by various types of business solutions in various industries, not limited to business technology.

Solutioning services and reusable assets for businesses to succeed early, and succeed always!
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Archemy™ harvests knowledge, guides innovation, and drives transmutations for its customers using its proprietary ArchDev™ methodology and knowledge management platform. Archemy™ also advises its clients as to the benefit of reusing best practice catalogued solutions to accelerate business transmutations and achieve operational excellence, optimal customer experience and competitiveness. As an example, Archemy™ is involved in the modernization of a Web site used to maintain a large collection of historical information and related collectibles (i.e., more than 10,000 Web pages and 50,000 images). Archemy™ quickly identified and re-used/adapted a best-practice, knowledge-driven solution asset to accelerate transmutation of the legacy Web site into a modern site, which is now being deployed and used, as content migration progresses, by a community that exceeds 7,000 collectors. Archifacts in the Archemy™ assets catalog originate from a number of places. Some of the assets result from custom software development projects that Archemy™ participated in while retaining the rights to the technology. Other assets in the Archemy™ catalog originate from the ArchCellerator™, Archemy's managed innovation lab, which provides a proving ground for directed cross-industry business solutions' research and development. All of Archemy's archifacts leverage, under license, the latest and most innovative COTS and technology enablers in the software publishing industry.

Resources for a growing community of innovators and entrepreneurs.
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Archemy™ is growing a global community of business solution developers, referred to as "Archemists", and partners with them, as needed, to seed its repository of intelligent business solutions. Archemy™ gets involved in all facets of development, marketing, and sale of reusable innnovative BizTek solutions. Archemy™ collaborates with Archemists to develop a comprehensive library of articles, research papers, and white papers related to BizTech solutions, enabling technologies, and related offerings. Archemy™ also moderates its own Archemist™ blog and participates in various social media forums. Archemy™ offers various levels of memberships to its Archemists depending on their interests and level of involvement. Archemy™ has strong ties with labs in the industry and the academia as well as connections with venture capital partners. Joining as an Archemist™, either as an individual or a company, makes it possible to contribute assets and advertise them in the Archemy™ Assets Catalog. Archemists may also be hired on consulting assignments managed by Archemy™.